To Set A Light In Every Tunnel

Excerpt from the book To Set A Light In Every Tunnel
published in 2008

At the turn of the season
I have a gnawing to go back
And with my finger trace every line,
Every window I’ve ever looked out from
Trace with finger the places and times

I have set lights in every tunnel
Along trails and winding spaces
To people their special ways and faces
To the past as it shades the present
Where out of the shadow comes the child.

A million I have taken
Making unique ground
Of a place made of places

I have fallen, thrown myself
From what others thought was safety
Thrown myself to the air

Because time
Had not yet provided itself
With the knowledge of my being.

“The story is a triumph of the process of building identity which also touches universal themes such as courage in view of fear, trust in view of self doubt and intimacy in view of distance. The search is compelling and inspiring. The author has woven many threads into a whole.” — Nafsika Nicholson-Goldworth

“Phyllis Grilikhes presents a poetic autobiographical narrative. Part confession, part affirmation, the book brings to consciousness the detailed and tangled structures of experience and ensuing memory, embarrassment and enthusiasm, defeat and defiance that given the dimension of time, constitute a life.” — Mark Weiman, Regent Press